Shopping in Seville.

We’ve been wandering today around the morning indoor food market in the Triana area of Seville – and delighting in the wonderful choice of fresh fruit and vegetables on sale.


With seafood being very abundant here in Spain, we often enjoy fresh mussels in one of our favourite restaurants – La Piscina Italian pizza restaurant in Orba, just 5 minutes from our house.
At these markets you do see a wider range…..including sea urchins and other strange and spiky delights!


After the market we went into the main part of the city to a small cafe that we stumbled across yesterday – Boca a Bocadillo, so a replenishing coffee before loosing ourselves in the maze of streets.


These lovely streets are full of shops selling all types of fans, flamenco dresses and also lots of fabrics and haberdashery. This is mainly due to the Seville Feria which takes place in April and almost the whole city dresses up in traditional costume.






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