A Naughty Breakfast


Sunday morning in Seville and a treat of two markets…. One rastro/car boot sale (extremely pikey but lots of free puppies to ‘aaaah’ over) & one normal enormous market (with a huge amount of textile stalls for dress, curtains and upholstery). But in between the two we (myself,hubby Bruce, & his brother and sister in law) needed something to boost us along.
So we found a cafe to stop at which actually specialised in breakfasts…and do chocolate and churros was my order!!
For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of this…the Spanish hot chocolate is normally thick enough to stand your spoon up in, served with churros…. imagine strands of donut dough cooked in hot oil and then served with sugar to sweeten them before you dunk a bit in your hot chocolate!! All fat free of course…. but a nice treat once in a while!
But this cafe was heaving with Spanish families and friends chattering very loudly, and a strange payment system where you order want at a special cash desk and pay and then take your itemised receipt to the main  serving area where the staff then prepared all of your order and shout across to the churros man who then cooks your order for you. All in all a great experience!!


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