Portimao punch up!

We’ve moved on from Seville to Portimao in the Algarve, and have been staying on a motor home aire near to Praia de Rocha beach.
The aire itself has been very busy and amusing as we people and van watch. As I type this, Bruce is sat, on what we call the naughty step….  watching the games going on opposite us at the water filling station. Vans coming from all directions, every time one joins the queue then the queue order has to be reestablished with much arm waving taking place!
This scene is relatively calm compared to one yesterday evening when a large number of French vans arrived in a convoy, parking too close to another French van for his liking! We watched in amazement as we witnessed what appeared at first to be a joke fight, with a small round Frenchman flinging punches (hitting nothing but aiming at a fellow French man). However, we soon realised he was being serious… and all the vans that had parked up suddenly all took off again and moved away from him. Total nutter!
Walking past his van this morning there are no neighbours at all – hardly a huge surprise if that’s the way he greets new neighbours!


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