Busy week!

Can’t really think where this past week has gone but it’s been another good one. The weather has been much better than last weekend with bright sunshine – proving much better than the snow that has been around the mountains at home in Orba!
We spent another great evening with Huw and Carolyn, and Mr Jellybean the bear.


Then on Wednesday we made our way back to the aire in Portimao to spend some more time there.
We’ve done some research on the local restaurants and found a nice little one more or less within walking distance, so thought we’d check it out – only to find out that it is closed for refurbishment at the moment. The owner was inside, and on asking him when he was reopening, he was very chatty and invited us in for a glass of port!


So, it seems that we’re not leaving until we’ve been to the Servi Vau restaurant, as he impressed us that much when he had so much else to do that he could take the time to entertain us.

We seem to have fallen into the routine of an afternoon walk on the beach, which is wonderful for Mutley to burn off some energy….and today we saw what we believe to be the Czech sailing team from London 2012, and watched them struggling to launch in the high wind, but then once they were off they soon harnessed it’s power and zoomed off into the distance.


Another find on the beach were some teeny tiny starfish….. sadly dead, but oh so small!


This evening we have the luxury of our local Jalon Valley wine, great value at 1.15€ per litre….. we have tried some local alternatives…without any luck!


‘Saddo’ white….. the name says it all!


And the boxed alternative ‘Bonus’ – the only bonus was that you got a whole litre of vinegar for 75 cents!!


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