Portimao Motor home Aire

I realised that although we have been here at the aire for a while that I’ve not posted a photo of it.
It is huge…. we’re just back from a walk round with Mutley and reckon that there must be about 200 vans here. Some stay one night, some appear to be full term living here.


In the above photo our van Mr Ben is in the bottom left corner of the picture.  This next photo shows more of the whole site.


We are next to the entrance so it’s great for the wifi reception and for people watching…. and seeing the new incoming vans. There’s also a small bar/cafe that puts on a Saturday night Bbq which is very popular, and lots of people take away the food back to their own vans.



These photos show the classic charcoal grills that are common all across the Algarve, and they emit the most amazing smells depending on what is being grilled – the infamous piri piri spatch-cocked chickens, sardines, or freshly caught fish. On the menu here tonight is also some huge fish or meat kebabs.
We’re lucky enough to have 2 bread vans that come around 7 days a week, helping boost the local economy. So at about 8.15am each day you’ll hear the horns of their respective vehicles parping around the aire announcing their arrival. The first van is a local French patisserie who has the most scrumptious croissants, including almond ones which we tasted this afternoon!


The second van is a traditional Portuguese baker with her rolls and a selection of cakes including the traditional pastel du nata – a egg custard tart but if you get a good one then you’ll find it is made with the most amazing pastry which is almost filo like in texture, lovely and crispy. I’ve tried out several different types of these and my favourites are from the Corvo supermarket in a small village called Castro Marim that is the nearest village to the border with Spain.


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