Runaway Car!

We did our usual Sunday morning thing of worshipping the great god Rastro…. luckily the weather held out but the numbers of stallholders was down I think because the sky was so threatening.


But more exciting this afternoon was that as we were sat having a coffee in Praia de Rocha, a parked Mercedes decided to slip its handbrake and run away.
With the recent news from Glasgow and more recently Bath with runaway vehicles I think that it was incredibly lucky that in this instance which we were witness to, no one was injured.
The car was parked at the top of a road, which is a fairly steady hill.


It smashed over 3 metal bollards.


Then narrowly avoided a parked car, but hit another car which was coming up the hill.


Then it proceeded to mount the kerb,  and stayed on it going down the hill.
Lucky there was no one on the pavement, or coming out of the small supermarket that it went past, but the car that had just turned into the road, to come up the hill, was a police car! 
Despite flashing their lights the Mercedes didn’t stop, but crashed straight into them.



Needless to say that the owner looked fairly shocked when he made an appearance….. I think he’d just parked up for a few minutes while he popped into a local cafe.
Reckon that it’s the most expensive coffee he’ll have in a while!!


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