Weekend Fun

Another weekend over and we seem to pack a lot into ours!
On Saturday we noticed that Ramos is getting on nicely with the redecoration of his restaurant Servi Vau, so we stopped to book a table for the first evening – next Wednesday.
He just has a little more to finish, including some decoration outside which will be made from Cork trees that are native to the region. He had the trunks of cork on the terrace and it’s great to see the cross cut which shows the wood vs the cork bark.



On Sunday we were faithful to our rastro religion and went to the largest in the region at Lagoa which is only a 15 minute scooter ride away.




It was extremely busy and filled a lovely sunny Sunday morning. On our way back to the aire we explored around the coast, finding some beautiful secluded beaches.


Yesterday evening was our much awaited for trip to see the Hunan Chinese Acrobatic Circus at the Portimao arena.
It was amazing to see…about 90 minutes of a variety of different scenes, acrobatics, juggling, the new style of unicycles which are just a wheel with pedals either side (no saddle to sit on), and some flown acts with suspended hoop, and ribbons.
Sadly my photos do not do it justice but we both really enjoyed ourselves. It was made even better because there were a few errors but they immediately tried again, but you could see how much effort it took them to perform.
One couple in particular stood out when the guy lifted the woman up from the floor onto his shoulders and she stood on one point (ballet style) on his shoulder.


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