Preparing for the off…. Fishing!

Today we’re preparing… we’re off fishing with our very good friends Jim & Deb Hurst. He’s a fellow singer/amazing carpenter (Mutleys dog door!) and she is just a total nutter/excellent gardener – we all get on very well and have decided to take the plunge and are heading up the coast to Tortosa on the river Ebro so that the blokes can get in a spot of fishing, and us girlies can take in the local sights, shops, coffee, cake and vino! You get the idea! So here we are at the local Jalon Valley bodega stocking up with some white wine.


It’s great, as Bruce is busy looking for where to fish, Jim is sorting out all the tackle…. meanwhile here in Orba while we’re packing ready for the off tomorrow, suddenly out of nowhere the heavens have opened, and a small thunderstorm with really huge rain drops is busy filling our pool!


Mr Muppet is not impressed as he just doesn’t ‘do’ rain, or wet floor… loves the beach as you know by now, but he’d rather sit there with his legs crossed than venture out and get wet. He’s been checked over by the local vet this week as he went a bit weird on Saturday evening. So he gave him a full check up, and a couple of X rays and 108€ later we find out that he has arthritis in both hips, and he has 2 vertebrae which have very little disc inbetween where they are squashed due to his age (13!).  So…. not too much madness and jumping around now for him, although try telling him that when he’s 13 years going on 13 weeks! He’s on tablets for inflammation and painkiller which seem to agree with him, although barr the incident on Saturday night you really can’t see any evidence of him being in pain at all.  tough old Pup! Yesterday as part of the Fishing Trip prep we met up with Jim, Deb and Jims Mum, Sandra – who has come over from the UK to dog sit for all the pooches and garden tend for Deb. Us girlies had a date with a few (ok, quite a lot) of cakes at the local Bar Citrus for one of their monthly cream teas – which are awesome!   Then in the evening we pootled over to the chinese in Pego for a meal. Has to be done!



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