Patchwork Baglets!

So, for those of you who don’t know, my alter ego is the bag lady, as I make leather handbags down in my workshop which is in our under build.
As you go down the steps you’re met with the rather strong whiff of leather, and sometimes very strong contact glue!
As I’ve been doing this for a while now,  I have built up rather a lot of scraps of leather where I have cut out the best bits but they’re still too big to throw away.  So, after some thought I have tried out a patchwork front panel to my baglets.


This will help me to use up loads of scraps,  and although us a little more work for me,  will clear up the workshop and make more Baglets! As you can see, I’ve been through about 1/4 of my scraps and have a rather huge amount to get cutting out!

So, when we head off for our next tour in our motor home Mr Ben,  I shall be taking some with me to keep me busy while Bruce is busy fishing!


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