Muffins, fish, baglets, gigs…..Thank goodness for the weekend!

This week has gone by in a blur, Bruce found a fishing spot inland from Oliva so about an hour from us. He went off on I think Tuesday  (told you I was confused), and had such a great time that he was telling his fishing buddy Jim, all about it that evening. … so the boys then plotted to go again on Friday  as it was a bank holiday here. So, they went off and to show,my support  I made muffins!  I like to help where I can! !


These are great muffins as they have whatever you have in your cupboard  in them!  In this particular case it was  choc drops, cranberries,  pecan nuts – yep, those ones I got from Fuengirola and shelled and toasted myself.  Anyway  the rest of the muffins are now safely hidden in the freezer,  ready for  the next fishing trip!
We had a gig at the Calpe Mar campsite for Bruce on Thursday night,  then were off on Friday evening so hubby decided he would cook, so he booked a table at our local pizzeria La Piscina.  It’s a great place and I managed to get some photos of the open kitchen where we were treated to a pizza base Frisbee display from the owner Marcelo.





We did read the whole menu at the restaurant,  but as normal ended up with the usual  –  bread and allioli  (garlic mayo), mussels,  and then ham and mushroom pizza with garlic and extra  cheese. We did succumb to the vino  at Piscina,  but then at only 5€ a bottle  we didn’t feel too  bad ordering the second bottle…. well only the following morning, but that was quickly mopped up with a bacon sandwich for Bruce and a fried egg one for me! But Al in all a great week and the weather this weekend has meant that the electric blanket  and winter duvet are well packed away….summer has arrived!


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