So…. where were we?  Sunday lunch was late after our trip to the  rastros in our old  home of Polop and La Nucia, great places to loose a Sunday morning looking through all the rubbish you really don’t want. Although  saying that,  we’ve had some great deals in the past,  including  a lot of my shoes and some Just  Sheepskin  boots  which cost me  2€, and were for sale new on the internet for 180€!
So I bought quite a bit of leather from my usual Moroccan guys who do me a good price, in fact I got so much that  our top box on the scooter was full to the brim!  We had to take the scooter as the car needs to be checked as a warning keeps coming up  to check the injection. .. could be expensive!
Anyhow,  Bruce survived despite being woken up at  9 am,  and so on return he was rewarded with a special  lunch of coronation chicken in lettuce!  It was scrumptious! 


Today, although a bank holiday in the UK,  is a normal day here in Spain. I woke at about 5am,  and despite trying,  couldn’t get back to sleep,  so got up and was in my workroom  by 6 am!  I know,  I am crazy,  but may as well make the most of the time  especially if an enquiry for 65 baglets from the UK  comes off.
So I get a phone call from Deb asking if I need kidnapping from the workshop as she’s taking her daughter and friend out for lunch.  Do I need to be asked tie?  Not really,  so once I’d checked Bruce had nothing planned, I arranged to be picked up! 
Lovely lunch at the Casino  bar in Pego,  where the menu is only 8€ for 3 courses – awesome  value! 


So, a great couple of hours  spent with my stalked friend Deb,  and her daughter  Can and her friend  Suzie.  I rewarded their  kidnapping of me with the muffins  that I’d baked for the boys. …which had ended up in the freezer to stop me from eating them all!
What else… no news on the car which is now in the local garage  being ‘done’, hopefully  cheaply! ! It does mean I am house bound,  well, sort of,  until we get it back. So I’m busy in the workroom,  making more stock for the  next two fairs I have booked,  and fingers crossed the big UK deal,  of which I am waiting for the first  installment of the final payment  before  I feel that I can celebrate!


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