Export Baglet Queen!

Well,  great news that I have been paid the first installment of the big UK order, so am now sewing like crazy to get the stock together.
I did take some time off this week to book myself in for 2 Christmas gift fairs – nothing like planning ahead!
Last night was a great gig for Bruce at Taberna del Port in Calpe, and we were stalked by our stalkees, Jim and Deb.
Deb loved the mojitos in Taberna, and Jim got up to take the mic off Bruce whilst he downed a few shots with a table of rather raucous Spanish!



This morning I was on a mission to find some red sweet chillies at the market,  but didn’t have any luck.  We did however see this great Bbq……


A mere snip asking only 700€ for it!! Great gimmick tho!
We then popped into Hurst Towers to pick up a dog collar that I said I’d cut down in size for Hoba. We found Jim and Deb in the veg garden – a wonderful place as these photos show.



So I stood by and watched Jim dig up some delicious new potatoes that will be served later this evening with butter, mint and a salmon fillet! See, I love having a great friend with green fingers!!


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