Nous sommes en France!

Well…. finally,  we are in France. But I need to backtrack a touch as we had an awesome gig for Bruce at our regular haunt of Taberna del Port in Calpe, where it was packed and so much so they asked him to play on  so he did! When the crowd is buzzing it’s easy for him to extend the time.
We finally got to bed around 1.30am, knowing that I had to be up early for my May  Fayre the following day.
So I was up around 7 am,  and in place thanks to Bruce who became my roadie for the day, and was easily set up in time for the start of the fayre at 10 am.  I missed a chance to sell part of my stall as 3 Germans were walking around early,  and spotted my wrought iron corner stand which I use in my stall (bought from France for 15€) and thought it was for sale, asking if I would take 10€ for it….hell no! Everything is for sale at a price, but not that cheap!
So the fayre for me went very well, lots of regular Bagleteers,  and lots of new ones, some of whom had seen my posts on Facebook  ( great for networking! ). Loads of baglet’s found new homes,  which was lovely for me to see my products being bought by people who really loved them, appreciating the work involved,  and especially good as I launched them there 2 years previously.
After a great 4 hours of sunny Sunday fayre,  I went home and we finished the packing for the trip and left for France. We made it up to Zaragoza for an overnight stay, then finally stopped at a regular motorhome aire at the amusement park, loud until 10pm, but silent after that. A long afternoons  drive ended with a few vino and beers for Bruce, a day an awful cheap and nasty pizza ( note to self do not buy that one again , as it was terrible, not a patch on the pizzeria in Orba! ).
An early start on the road for us this morning meant we were in France by midday, and we’ve  pitched up at Labastide d’Armagnac on a free motorhome  aire having seen some awesome scenery coming up from Spain via the Somport tunnel and Pau.

View coming into France from Spain via the Somport tunnel.
Labastide d'Armagnac.
Labastide d'Armagnac.
Labastide d'Armagnac.

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