Poitiers excitement.


Today we went on an escapade to both  Chauvigny  and Poitiers to see the local and bustling markets, but were slightly disappointed to find very few stalls in Chauvigny or any outdoor stalls at all in Poitiers!  But we did find the usual awesome cheese and vegetable stalls, not to mention the odd deli,and butcher as well…..oh, and cake.



Needless to say we still had a great day, splashing out 2.5€ know a white coffee so we could get the cafe wifi code and check emails etc. Plus we enjoyed exploring around Poitiers again with the beautiful half timber houses.



Then it was back to the van for lunch, and afterwards off to a local motorhome  toy shop as we lost a stool table top when we were in  Portimao  back on our trip at the beginning of the year so needed to replace it. While we were in Poitiers  I saw a leaflet for a local tannery so thought it’d be good to see where my work stuff comes from. So we went across country to find it, around diversions and through tiny country lanes….Our usual exciting tom tom adventure in the van!






One thought on “Poitiers excitement.

  1. Jackie Russell May 26, 2015 / 10:38 am

    Lovely to catch up on your travel adventures. Great photos……especially the cakes ! Xxx


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