And so back into Spain.

We picked one of the prettiest ways to come across the border,   bypassing Andorra as we’ve seen it a few times, but coming over the mountain as the toll tunnel was closed. The views were truly stunning, and when we pulled over for a breakfast stop, we could hear the cow bells from across the valley.


We noticed on our very wiggly route into Spain that there were so many motorbikes coming back into France,  only to find out that it had been the Catalan Moto GP that weekend -we saw hundred of bikes! !


We checked out on Spanish aire but decided to go to the next one at Vic which proved a great find as it was  in  a little park and really peaceful….but quite noisy in the morning when they set off 2 hot air balloons from just behind the van!


From here we had a good drive down into Barcelona where we have a car park which we can prebook  for onky 20€ a night which is only 4k out of the city centre and a 5 minute walk to the nearest metro.


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