I know, I’ve been absent….but busy with it!

Best chips ever at Les Folies Burgers.

We started moving more southerly and stopped at the small town of Montignac, where we had a lovely amble around in the sunshine and happened to stumble upon this fast food trailer which sold burgers. On looking closer we discovered that not only were they all home made but that he also served chips, so we gave in and made a wonderful find of what we considered to be the best chips ever, (a close second can be found at one of the markets in Amsterdam!).
From here we then paused to give the muppet a run at a château which had the most beautiful grounds and massive trees.




From here we hunted out somewhere to stay for the night as we had vide greniers the following day although the forecast was looking very bad!  So despite a couple of false starts  – one aire near a campsite was closed due to some massive festival going on in the town, then another one was right on a main road so not suitable for us to leave the van while we went off….so finally we found a canal where we stopped and decided to stay the night there then go on in the morning.  It was very busy with cyclists along the tow path but proved to be the best fishing Bruce has done  with a baby crayfish lobster thing,  and 4 massive fishies!  I’ve never seen my hubby so happy! !


We did strike out a lot on the vides on the Sunday as the rain kicked in big time especially in the morning, but it did clear up later on so we didn’t fair very well on the bling buying front for the baglet’s,  but I did get a beautiful piece of marble for 1 € !!
As we had plans to be in Barcelona for the last couple of days before heading home we cracked on south, stopping just before the border with Andorra at a little spa town to soak our feet in the thermal spa before parking up for the night.



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