The Oven.

So, dearly beloved,  I know that you have missed me, but we’ve been a tad hectic since returning home to Orba.  Bruce’s gigs have started with a vengeance, as has the heat of summer, so our plan of doing huge amounts of cycling (to work off the yummy croissants and cakes/kebabs that we ate in France! ) have been hampered somewhat by the fact that we would indeed melt!  Although Mutley gets me up around 6.30am it’s still too hot at the moment by the time I have walked him. Anyway, we can always swim instead in our pool…. which is at the rather balmy temperature of 29 degrees!
So, The Nomad gigs have started for the hot summer of 2015. Regular Ratpackers & lovely friends Lynn  & Andy have done us proud with their support  at loads of gigs,  and here’s a photo of them enjoying a dance up at Coll de Rates restaurant.


He has a regular gig at Taberna del Port in Calpe, and we’ve had some cracking gigs there…. including this one where Bruce did a turn up and down the road on someone’s mobility scooter!


The gig tonight is inland,  where the temperature went up to 47 degrees today,  luckily it’s dropped this evening to only 41 degrees … that’s 106 degrees F!


I’ve been chained to my sewing machine in my workroom making baglets, with my big order just gone off to the UK, I thought it quite good,  as I managed to box up the whole order in 3 Jalon Valley Wine boxes! ! I have a customer who is setting up selling them there,  so it’s all very exciting, fingers crossed she does well,  as it will mean more orders in the future. This is easy for me as it means I don’t need to do the smaller craft fairs here, just the large ones which are much better for pulling in large numbers of customers.

Planning colours and baglet bling.
All packed up.
All ready to go, safely nestled in Jalon Valley Wine boxes!

I have also found a slight guilty pleasure in watching the Tour de France,  I watched some last year and really enjoyed it, so thought I’d make more time for it this year. So I sit in the lounge, with something work based in front of me  – cutting out leather flowers or sorting out my baglet bling…. you get the idea! I have also been busy cooking ratatouille which I had with the amazing vegetables that Deb grows,  awesome courgettes, peppers  and the most tasty tomatoes!



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