Catch Up

Ok, I know, I’ve been neglecting you all, but then I have very good reason.  Every normal waking moment is either spent on Baglet production,  or in the shower or pool due to the insane heat we’ve been having. The heatwave finally  has some relief at the moment as we’ve had some rain and the temperature has dropped this evening to a wonderful  25 degrees – much more manageable.


So, I have been a busy baglet mamma, producing baglets to replace sold stock, and make sure I have enough to enter the festive season- I know that sounds totally crazy, but trust me, at the moment I’m selling them almost as quick as I am making them. This photo is me in the wholesalers choosing new skins. As you can see I have plenty to choose from, and this is only a small section of the warehouse! 


And here’s 4 of the newest  Baglets,  one already sold…


I’m still getting up early with Mutley, who really enjoys his cool early walk, and I have to say that the sunrises are so beautiful from our estate looking down the valley, as this photo shows – unusual in that this was the first day with a bit of rain…hence the clouds… most rare!


Bruce’s gigs are still going very well, summer is the busiest time of year for him, and this one is our local, Bar Citrus,  at the end of our road, with a lovely garden. They do have the most awesome carrot cake which is well worth the visit!!


I’m now trying to work through my diary as I am back in the UK for a family wedding next weekend,  and then I think I have 2 more weeks until we leave our next motorhome tour – so settle in for regular posts once that starts. Bruce is itching to get away again, although I am trying to keep him occupied by painting the house -the paint company  call the colour Salmon,  I might sue them on their colour blindness! ! it’s peach!! Never mind , it looks much better then dirty white and in the heat is a lot less reflecting. But as we had quite a bit of rain yesterday and some today he couldn’t paint, so decided to take his Hilty to a part of our kitchen terrace instead.



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