On The Road Again!

So, it seems like a bit of a time zone has hit me, and I’m not sure where the last few weeks have gone to since our last trip, but seem to recall them being filled with gigs, baglets and good times with both friend and family. Bruce had an average of a gig every other day over the past 9 weeks, and in the hot but very humid  heat we have had in Spain,  he needed this early break away. I have been bagletting like a thing possessed, and seem to be selling them quicker than I can make them. As of today, I now have a distributor  in England and now France (thanks to one of my regular customers buying some for a friend who lives there, and she has just put in a very nice 1st bulk order)!  The baglets are spreading around nicely.

Anyhow, where are we off to this time I hear you all shouting at me. Well,  we are heading for Dusseldorf to the motorhome show which is the largest in Europe.  We will not be buying another van. We just wanted to see a decent show, as the ones in Spain are terrible, and we enjoyed Paris a couple of years ago, but thought we should see this one as it’s so big.
So, we left home last Sunday, great idea by me – hitting all the traffic heading home into Europe from Spain.  Bruce is very happy driving Mr Ben, just as well as he was in his seat for about 12 hours on Sunday!  It all went very well until we got to into France, just before Montpellier and we hit a massive queue which set us back about 1hr 40 min. 


Note to self, don’t travel on weekend which is in August! But the upside is that we did leave behind very noisy neighbours as they are on holiday at the moment, but I feared for their lives if I had to stay much longer – I know that this sounds very narky of me, but our urbanisation/estate is just so peaceful that if any noise occurs outside of the norm you hear it, and screaming (and I do mean screaming) kids for 10 hours every day for 3 weeks is enough to test even Mother Teresa



So, we came up into France,  stopping at one of our regular haunts of Comps,  where Bruce likes to fish – although not this time as it was raining heavily on sunday afternoon, and Monday morning. Then we have travelled north east, past Lyon, stopping for a night between Lyon and Dijon , and then yesterday we blasted up a bit more to Metz.
Metz seemed quite a nice town, very spacious with lovely canals and rivers, and a stunning cathed



We went in search of wifi, and ended up in a very bizarre shopping mall, which appeared half empty of shops – unusual for France,  by the clientele left a lot to be desired!  There was,  however, a great display of modern sculptures, of which I liked these two the best – made up o



f toys.

Metz is also the home of the second Pompidou gallery  (other one in Paris), which has flowing lines of architecture, and a beautiful  roof,  I have decided that if we ever built our own house that Bruce can base



it on this! 

From  Metz we headed north to Dudelange which is just over the border into Luxembourg,  via a very quick visit to the local Ikea  (to buy lights for our new terrace pergola  that Bruce finished,  and it looks great – one of those why didn’t we do this before moments! ).
So last night we spent a night in Luxembourg, another country ticked off for both of us and Mutley as well – who is getting to be a very well travelled pooch.


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