If it’s Wednesday then it must be – Luxembourg, no, Belgium, no – The Netherlands. ..?

Well, after the very very hot and humid summer we have had in Spain this year, to have a day of rain, proper northern European rain, was a real treat. It washed off Mr Ben nicely, and cooled us all down. We had planned on heading into Luxembourg city however the nightmare of the actual place had us fooled totally,  and trying to find somewhere to actually park a 7.5m motorhome proved more difficult. Our first challenge that we gave Sean -our Tom Tom,  was to find some fuel. That took about 20 minutes in the end of driving round and round in circles around the business quarter which was full of very funky architecture and a lot of new building going on.
We did find fuel, but by that time were already a little jaded with the whole thing, and were hugely surprised to find that diesel was only 97.5cents a litre.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Needless to say we filled right up. That’s the cheapest we have seen it on our travels ever!
We tried to get through the centre of the city but parking proved unsuccessful,  and the rain had settled in, so we kept driving, heading north towards  Liege, and Maasťricht. We were planning on staying on an aire in Aachen, Germany, but ended up on a free aire at Dilsen Stokken which is in Belgium. Where we are at the moment is a combination of 3 countries  – Belgium,  Germany and the Netherlands,  proving to be a little confusing yesterday when we actually started our day in Luxembourg,and then we were crossing borders every few kilometres.
After all the rain yesterday,  it was wonderful this morning to walk Mutley with the view of the nature reserve we are parked up at.




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