So, where are we now?

Well, I did this whole post, and had issues uploading it, with photos of our fun, and it’s gone, so I’ll just have to re do it, but this time in stages as I don’t want to risk loosing it when uploading it with the photos again.
Are you sitting comfortably?

OK, We had planned a usual weekend with markets and car bootsales,  but Germany for some reason seems more flea market crossed with antiques than our usual choice of second hand goods, not to mention the prices that people wanted for items as well, when I buy my bling for my baglets I have a budget in mind,  and can’t afford to increase it. So when we pulled up at what had promised to be quite a big car boot sale on one Saturday to find about 10 stalls, full of total rubbish I would be ashamed to put in the charity shop, we decided enough was enough.
Amazingly we found internet there, and searched where the best vides where in France within a days drive from where we were, and then set the route in plan. Bruce drove for about 4 hours, in actually terrible weather, and we went back to Metz in France where the were a few large vide greniers going on the following day. We were lucky enough to get a parking spot in the car park and had great fun trundling around  the vides in the morning.



We also had more time to explore Metz,  and loved the floral displays they had near the river.


From Metz we moved on to Nancy,  chasing weather as well,  as the autumnal late summer just wasn’t really happening. At Nancy we parked on the canal side which at a price of 13€ a night including electric hook up, and right in the city centre, within walking distance of the main sites.


So Nancy was our very cultural stop. We walked around the lovely Parc de la pepiniere, and marvelled at the very ornate Stanislas square with gilt decorating anything they could find. We also discovered a very good deal for the museums,  a ticket for all 6 was only 10 euros each,  saving quite a bit of money as it was around 4€ or 6€ to get into each. So we did as many as we could, getting in 5 of the 6, to get our monies worth! We went to the Museum of fine arts, where Bruce met a Picasso, and I found an extraordinary artist in Emile Friant.


Our favourite was the Museum of the Nancy school, a house full of beautiful art nouveau sculptures and furniture. We also visited  the Aquarium, and one for the history of iron, and the Museum for the region of Lorraine,  our least favourite.


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