Christmas Fair Madness!

Well, I know, I’ve been absent… but only as I have been working my socks off making my next brood of Baglets for all the Christmas fairs that I had booked.
They started on November 8th, and since we returned home I have been rather manic on the machine. My lady in the UK is selling them well, and put in another order which rather decimated my stock levels that were looking quite healthy,  so I had to start again….shouldn’t complain tho, as it’s lovely seeing them go to their new homes. I’ve actually had to close my Christmas order book, as once the fairs finish on December 6th, I then have 5 large tote bags to make, so reckon that’s enough!

Ready to sew.....

I’ve more news since I wrote this, so will post this, and then do an update…. so behind, but been so busy! !


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