On the road again!

Well, happy new year to you all!
My futile attempts at blogging whilst at home were just that. … terrible I know. We usually end up so hectic that just finding the time to sit and compose something you may want to read is not happening.

So…. what have I done…. well, I’ve been crazily sewing to make stock for my Easter/Springfairs that I have booked in for. I have 6 events booked between mid March and mid May. I have completed my tote orders which gives me a lovely smug feeling of accomplishment knowing they are ready to go to their new homes once we are home.
I also have a nice secret stock of baglet’s ready to go on sale once we return…. which gives away where we are now. … not at home! But will come back to that in a while.

After new year, we popped back to the UK for a week to see Dad and help celebrate his 86th birthday which he delayed due to the hectic festive time so it was a fabulous Indian meal in January which saw the main family together in the Spice of India in Verwood. It was lovely to be able to all sit down together again and enjoy one of the best curry I think I have ever had.
The week itself was spent catching up with people – Dad and Sheila,  shopping and lunch with Sarah in Dorchester, and a  lunch out with Glyn, Anne, Jeff & Jane in a lovely country pub.  I also managed to catch up with a couple of friends, Kathy B, and Kim, who I worked with at Abbey.
I drove Bruce mad with my late night or early morning shopping, but bless him, he kept up with the pace like a pro, and survived!   The weather returned very very  old, so we were quite happy to leave the minus degrees on Wednesday morning at the airport, and come back to 21 degrees and bright blue sky in Alicante.
We were home for a couple of days to sort ourselves out, and collect Mutley  from his hotel – Deb and Jim Hurst had the pleasure of his barking at anything unusual around the garden  for a week! But he had a fab time, although got a little nervy when he saw we were packing yet again. … this time for our annual jaunt in Mr Ben to go to Portugal.
As Mutley is on anti-inflamatories for his arthritis and dodgy discs in his back, I have been having fun with our vet Javier,  as Spain had run out of the drug! Sold out….in all sizes,  so I have been touting around various vets on the Costa del Sol trying to find some….like a junkie in need!  Amazingly I have found some, the last box I think in Spain,  so we pick them up tomorrow in Fuengirola.
Which gives away where we are now….. Bruce drove the whole day yesterday and we are now sat in the middle of Fuengirola, just about to go, and find a rastro/car boot sale, well it is Sunday,  and I’ve not been to one for so long!!  Then I will take him for breakfast!


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