Our Winter Relocation

When we say to people that we spend maybe 5 months away from home in our motorhome they assume we are on holiday. It’s not really like that, – more of a relocation of our lives into Mr Ben, and living simply for the duration. We tend, more than often to cook in the van in the evenings, maybe with a coffee out while walking the dog, or a cheeky cheap breakfast, but nothing flash.
Our favourite breakfast here in Portimao is in a big supermarket chain, called Jumbo. They offer a galao – milky coffee, with a breakfast roll of cheese and ham for 1.25€.


I am also a great bargain hunter with food, and we had a meal the other night of baked potato with roasted chicken, and an uber rich gravy, with wine,  that worked out at less than 4.50€ between us.  (And I still have half a chicken left!).


Last night we had a pan of boiled potatoes, which I then oven baked with bacon, onion, chestnut mushrooms, and  garlic, served in a rich mushroom sauce with a touch of Apple wood smoked cheese on top…..
Loving the challenge! !


So our days are mainly spent just relaxing, enjoying the slightly warmer weather that we’ve had, the past 3 days have seen us sat in the sun in shorts, I’ve even hit the sunscreen as its been in the early 20 ‘s temperature wise.
We usually try to have a mission for the day – nothing too  complicated, maybe go and buy water, or some long  metal skewers for jacket potatoes – today we have to find some onion powder.  Bruce fell in love with some seasoning that is called Pomme Frites, which we bought in France, containing  salt, garlic, onion and parsley. As we can’t get it here in Portugal we’ve decided to give it ago making it ourselves, so the onion is the last item we need before the chemistry lab opens for taste testing!  Luckily he still has some of the original mix to go by.
I’ve done this on a seasoning which dad has, called Dixie Dust, a spicy salt/sugar rub for meat, so I’ve grabbed what I think is in it, and have made something pretty close, I just need another bash at it to perfect it, as I put too much salt in.
So today we’re off to Jumbo, for breakfast rolls, and onion powder, and if we can’t find it there, then we’re scooting to Albufiera, where there are a couple more places we can try. (Bruce is unaware of the second part of this plan as he’s currently still asleep in bed, it is before 8am when I am composing this blog post.)
Below are a few shots from the market yesterday in Portimao. Not as impressive as the french ones that we love, not enough free samples!!





One thought on “Our Winter Relocation

  1. Jackie February 3, 2016 / 9:21 am

    Made me hungry ! Missing a bit of sun, woke up to a covering of snow here this morning.
    See you soon x

    Liked by 1 person

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