Sunshine on a windy day……

Within a 2 minute walk from Mr Ben we have a marina with some very large yachts in, perfect in the early morning sun.




You can be on one of the largest beaches in the area, Praia da Rocha within 200m of where we are parked up. It’s one long sweep of sand so smooth it’s like talcum powder, so lovely to walk on with bare feet but not so efficient as a cheap pedicure!


Almost every day we try and get a walk on the beach, so Mutley  can have a run around, which he loves doing so much. We’ll walk along the top road where the shops and restaurants are, stopping at the little supermarket for a galao coffee, cheapest we found at 80 cents each! Then down the steps onto the beach…….


It’s a very popular one with surfers, and there are a couple of surf schools where wet suited crazy people come out at all hours of the day, and run along the boardwalk going to the beach. They look like a school of seals in the water, and  certainly most days at sunset you’ll get some amazing shots on the beach, glorious views, lovely skies, wonderful silouettes.




Mutley is of course then exhausted after all that running around!



One thought on “Sunshine on a windy day……

  1. Jackie February 4, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    Bliss ! Scally sends his love to Mutley x

    Liked by 1 person

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