Experiments and bicycles!

So, as you can imagine, when you spend time in one place, like Mr Ben, we have to find things to do to occupy ourselves. As we’ve spent quite a while here in Portimao over the years we end up having quests or missions to go on. One such thing is that at some point in the past Bruce bought a chip seasoning from France, which is normally sprinkled on chips, but he likes it on everything. He has become somewhat addicted to this stuff, and has been trying to contact the company to get some more, swith no joy at the moment.  So we decided he should try to make some up of his own. So we bought the ingredients  – salt, garlic powder, onion powder and parsley,  and he made a batch which I think tastes pretty much like the original one!  So that was a fun half hour we had the other night, experimenting with salt lined up on the table with various powders, looking like something out of Breaking Bad! The Dowding drug den!


Yesterday we had another mission – as he has been cycling like crazy when at home to get fit and lose weight, he has been missing his bike here on tour. We don’t have enough space on the van to bring the bikes and the scooter,  so it’s always one or the other, and usually the scooter wins as it’s much more practical for going shopping with. But all around our aire here at the marina we keep seeing other people cycling off on various bikes, including fold up ones.
So we decided that we’d check out the nearest Decathlon store and see what their folding bikes were like, and how small would they fold to…… here is Bruce investigating them in the shop.


And here is the bike in our van! Yes, we have become the proud owners of a bike!


The funny thing was that we deliberately didn’t take enough money with us when we went looking,  so had to go back to the van and make a decision.  We did,and also I realised I was going to have to cycle it back from the store to the van, as it was too bulky to carry, and not worth collecting in the van. So in between the rain squalls that were happening yesterday I managed to dust off my cycling muscles and cycle it the 4 or 5 km back to the marina with Bruce escorting me on the scooter.   It works fine, and I think we’ll enjoy having it, we’ll see how we get on with one, and may get another but at the moment we can only fit one in, – I really must drink all that Jalon Valley wine quicker to me space!



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