So, we gave in…..

Well, it didn’t last long, and we gave in and bought another folding bike from Decathlon, so we now have a brace, a matching pair, his and hers Valentine’s bikes! Again we bought the second one in between rain showers, together with a waterproof cover to go over the pair of them so we can lock them together outside. And we can now pootle off together on them. We’ve already been out a couple of times on them, now we just need to reorganise inside the van for when we travel around, and will have to empty out some bits we really don’t use that much when we get home.


We did try Muppet in a box we have in the van, so size, so we may look into fixing it onto on of the bikes, but we’ll have to see, as you can judge from his hang dog expression,he was not amused!


We’re suffering at the moment from a few light rain showers, but seem to have gotten off very lightly compared to the Storm Imogen that has hit the UK. I think we have another day of some rain, before the sun makes a very welcome comeback.  Having said that, the clouds do make for some interesting sunrises,  like this one today.


We’ve also had some short bursts in between showers to get out, and to see how busy the site was we took this photo from above it. Every site this year on the Algarve, and indeed from the sound of it in Spain, is very busy, with people preferring to stay within Europe than head over to Morocco,  which has always been very popular in the winter due to the weather, especially with the french motorhomes. However, sadly, in this time of radical extremists,  people are staying safe, and avoiding putting themselves in harms way.


I am looking forward very much to the more summery months, as I’m getting into my salad, especially a fresh cherry tomato one, which I mix with balsamic vinegar glaze, olive oil, finely chopped red onion and fresh basil. Perfect for lunch with the soft Portuguese bread rolls that I buy each morning from the van that comes around, and also so is this avocado – chopped avocado, mixed with salted sunflower seeds and chopped coriander, served on hot toast – very scrummy!



One thought on “So, we gave in…..

  1. Jackie February 16, 2016 / 10:19 am

    Hope Mutley takes to cycling, the picture of him in the box made me chuckle !
    You should write a cookery book full of recipes and photos of meals eaten in, out and about on your travels, they always look so yummy. X

    Liked by 1 person

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