Invasion of the Vikings.

As you’ll be aware we’ve been in Portimao now for over 2 weeks, and have worked our way along our row to the front, meaning we have an excellent view of what is happening,  unobliterated sunshine (when it does occur), and a good wifi signal.
So, you can imagine our horror when we discovered that the part of the car park in front of us, which historically has been kept empty to allow cars to park there, was being used for a group of 17 Danish vans, travelling in convoy.  Not only that,  but they parked side on, which totally wiped out any sun in front of us, as the first van parked so close. I had to keep Bruce calm, but there was a lot of huffing and puffing from his direction….. thank fully I think they are going this morning, so peace will resume.


Yesterday we witnessed a very large motorhome being bump started, or attempting to…. by the pickup truck of the site owner. Obviously it had some sort of battery issues,  as the next thing we knew 2 small recovery trucks appeared and about 5 mechanics. This however didn’t work, and it stayed where it was parked, until 7.30am this morning when I heard another truck.


This time they had sent a truck large enough for the weight of the motorhome, we watched in amusement  (as it wasn’t our misfortune! ) as they loaded it onto the truck. The issue they had was the massive overhang and st the back of the van would have been ripped to shreds on the floor until the driver started to place wood planks by the wheels to change the angle.


Add to that, we’ve just walked Mutley round the site, and spotted an oil trail….. a huge leak from a van on site,leading back to a large Brit registered van, with an unhappy looking owner. He’d fished out something broken from under the bonnet, which Bruce identified as an oil seal. So now he is also going other have to call a breakdown truck for a tow to get it fixed.
On the way back from the walk, we then passed the water filling station, where another van had broken down,  totally blocking the water point, with  a breakdown car already there trying to help sort the issue. We took silent pleasure that it’s not always us that breaks down. ….. it seems from word around the site that this last one has somehow managed to fill his diesel tank with the water hose!!! I bet he’s kicking himself!


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