Portuguese punctures…..Argh!

Well, this trip we’ve been very happy with Mr Ben, who has been behaving on every front especially after the last trip we had where he cost us so much money.  This trip the theme of trauma seems to go to the punctures. The day after (roughly) Bruce  bought his bike, he suffered a puncture whilst cycling home, but luckily had a self repair kit on him so that got him back to the van.
Then the third trip out on my bike I noticed something strange with the front wheel, and it appears that the actual tyre was splitting, as they were only cheap  chinese ones. As we’d already found out that the shop didn’t have any tyres to fit the bikes when Bruce had his problem, we took it to another cycle shop called One Bike where they fitted a decent tyre and we managed to get the money back from Decathlon for the repair.
Then today we had to go back again as I was getting a bad clicking when cycling from the crank shaft. Decathlon has become our second home, but despite having a bike workshop they couldn’t do the job without sending my bike off for a week!  By now we’re getting just a tad despondent, but one bright spark says we can literally swap the bike over,  so we do that,  after taking off my tyres and saddle which we’d sorted out.


So,I now have another new bike,  totally new…… so we’ll see how we get on.
So what else could go wrong you ask? Well, on Monday we decided to pay a visit to Lagos, to revisit the restaurant that we went to with Huw and Carolyn, as their dish of the day for Monday is lamb stew. So we treated ourselves to lunch out, with the leftovers as a takeaway,  as we knew we’d not be able to eat it all. Each meal is served with fried potatoes and really lovely rice (I think basmati,but with cloves and cardamon pods through it to add extra flavour).  So I picked the lamb, and Bruce had the turkey breast with mushroom sauce. Rather yummy to say the least, and the leftovers have served us for at least another 2 meals each.


So on the way home from Lagos, we went through the lovely harbour village of Alvor, as the wind was about 45km per hour so a bit hectic on the exposed roads. We’d just come round a corner when Bruce pulled over with a puncture on the scooter! !


My hubby is a fab mechanic and prepared for things like this, as he had a wheel repair kit under the saddle.  Sadly, it had been under there so long, that it didn’t give enough foam to repair the wheel. So we had to start the 6km walk back to the van.  Luckily a car pulled over to help and a young couple gave Bruce a lift back to the van, while I stayed with the bike. He then came back with the van to pick  us up. So, all in all, a traumatic week for punctures!  Fingers crossed we’re not going to have any more.



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