101 uses of……. multi tasking utensils!

In our motorhome we have to make sure that things are necessary in it due to lack of space, therefore most items in here have more than one use.  Today’s item of dual usage is my mussel pot that I bought from a vide grenier somewhere in France last year. Although this has lived in the house until this trip, I haven’t actually used it yet, as when we do have mussels at home we normally have to many to fit in the pot!
So I thought I would pop it in the van, in the hope that we might get some mussels whilst away, and I’d try to force myself not to buy so many! As yet I’ve not bought any…. which helps, although i now have to justify to myself the space that i have used up in bringing it with me, so I am using the base of the pot this morning trying out a recipe that my good friend Deb Hurst shared on Facebook for a simple Artisan Bread.
Here’s the original link, which includes a video to show how simple it is.
It’s Always Autumn Blog.

With only a few ingredients and a very simple method it seemed the perfect cooking experiment for the van….. so here I am, waiting for it to come out of the oven….  you actually cook the loaf in a covered pot, hence the dual purpose mussel pot…. it may come out like a brick, in which case I shall give it to Bruce to fashion some new ramps out of for the van!  Dual purpose bread you see!


I did spend about 10 minutes hunting down the yeast in the Continente supermarket on our trip out to Silves the other day, and eventually found  it next to the honey and syrup….of course, silly me! But every thing else was straight forward. … with the base work being done yesterday afternoon , and the the dough was proved in the cupboard which is above our oven – perfect place for the yeast to develop.
Then a little bit more work this morning, as the 2nd prove was done while the oven was heating up, and also allowing the van to warm up too, and now I have the loaf in the oven, filling the van with yummy fresh bread smells! Fabulous! !
This first loaf was a little under done, so I have since redone it, just putting it on a tray, and it turned out perfect, slightly moist in texture, like a ciabatta. 
This is a photo of the second one…. lovely, and half gone within half an hour of it being cool enough to slice!


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