Whether the weather be good, or crap. ….

Well, the idea of coming away for a couple of  months early in the year is to escape the coldness of the winter at home as despite popular belief, Spain does get cold. The size of the country means that oooop north they get loads of rain, whilst the high parts of Spain like Granada and Teruel get amazing snow enabling great ski tourism businesses to flourish. Normally in Orba, in January and February we get a bit of rain, and quite a lot of wind, gusting down our valley.
Here in Portimao we have roughly the same temperature during the day,but we have definitely been warmer more recently at night. My bread making has helped on the  colder mornings. Mutley, who has now had his first trim of the spring due to the fact we had a few lovely sunshine, but despite  checking the forecast and seeing good sunshine, we’ve had rain and storms, even hail!


So, Mr Muppet has spent the last few nights wrapped up on my seat in a blanket!


However, here we do get the most spectacular sunsets and views on the beach, as this photo demonstrates.


We have taken advantage of our bikes,  and  been cycling around the town, and also the area a little, and found some amazing blossom which is everywhere at the moment.


We also used our bikes to go out for dinner one evening, up to Praia da Rocha for a kebab! The kebab shop got quite good reviews on TripAdvisor, and their service was very good, although their kebab wasn’t the best we have tasted, but they did give us a sample of curry, as they were not Greek or Turkish but Punjabi. So we had a sample of onion naan and some chicken tikka, only for Bruce to taste it and realise that it was Chilli Chicken Tikka!! And it was very spicy indeed!


What else? Our lovely Slovenian friends Breda and Borut Justin met up with us here in Portimao, and we spent a couple of lovely evenings with them catching up and planning our visit to Slovenia in the Autumn to see them.


I managed to wow them with my flaked pastry pesto wings, and caramelised onion and bacon dip!

One thing that I find hilarious every morning is the sight of the bottles that people leave next to the bins for recycling. …anyone would think that motorhomers are alcoholics!!



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