Branding the Funky Baglets.

I know I’ve done this far too late for my liking, but I finally got around to getting some labels for my Funky Baglets.
I have been looking and toying with the idea for a while, but price had always been an issue, as it has to come out of the profit I make, so the cost must be as cheap as possible but still achieve the level of quality that I require.

I came across a Facebook page of Ribbon Designs, where they provide customised printed ribbon and labels that you can sew in, where the price was very good, so finally went for it. The results I can say are very good indeed,and I am very pleased with the result. Once I ordered them I was so impatient to get them that every baglet I was preparing had to wait for a label, so I had so many piles of part made baglets waiting for the label stage of the process before I could then finish them off, trim them, and then put them on sale.


They officially went on sale at the Jalon Valley Help May Fair, an annual event which is such a lovely fair to do under the trees in the dappled sunlight.


I launched the Baglets here 4 years ago, so it was lovely to see a lot of my regular customers and also some new ones who helped find new and loving homes for my little brood!



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