Modern technology + water = Disaster!

So, another couple of weeks have passed, and Bruce has been cycling like crazy and lost loads of weight. He’s had a few gigs this week, including one at a campsite in Javea. We’d had a few days of very dodgy weather,  but the day of the gig was bright and sunny until about half an hour before the end.  He suddenly realised that some rain had fallen on his laptop, and it stopped working!  So we had a few hours of mild panic while he tried to come up with a fix and also a contingency plan for the gig that evening!  The initial plan of using his phone last night didn’t work, so we reverted to our other laptop, but he’s been sorting it all out today to try and get different things working with different cables.
The result is that he’s now trialling doing the gig at Arthurs Bar with his phone. … seems to be going well!


I’ve had a hectic week or so cutting out more baglets and prepping them. I have a parcel on its way to me – some custom made labels for the baglets and tote bags that I make, and a stamp that I can use on my packaging.  It’s all very exciting – and something that I should have done ages ago! So watch this space and I’ll post when they arrive. 
Meantime I’ve loads of baglets just waiting to be finished off…. and have some very pretty ones in the pipeline!

to keep my strength up I found this little gem of a snack – a mug cake! You just add the contents to a mug with some milk, and then just over 1 minute in the microwave later you have cake!


We’ve been out a couple of times,  but our new favourite find is Awraba in our village of Orba. Their menu del día during the week is only 10€ for a 3 course meal, with bread, alioli, and includes half a bottle of wine.  Here’s some photos from when we went with Deb and Jim.



One thought on “Modern technology + water = Disaster!

  1. Jackie May 18, 2016 / 11:46 am

    Wow a packet cake in a mug, never seen those before !
    Whatever would Bruce do without his phone, it’s amazing how versatile such a little device can be.

    Liked by 1 person

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