Friday night is music night!

Friday night is music night…. isn’t that the saying?
Well, we were walking Mutley early evening in Lembras when we noticed a pizza van near the village bar.
Often in France the weekends in the villages will feature a pizza van on one evening, and a chicken/rotisserie man on a Sunday. Some of the people waiting for a pizza were due to play a gig later on, so we decided to take a look after dinner.
What can I say? Uummm… it was one of the strangest experiences of my life. I’ve seen a lot of music, having quite a varied taste in it myself, and watching Bruce play and all the gigs I’ve been to. I have never been to a gig where punk meets rap, and then you throw in an accordion, some dire harmonica in the style of Bob Dylan, and farmyard animal impressions.


The highlight was when the keyboard girlie played the footstool with a stick and then proceeded to do some robotic dancing.
I would hasten to add apart from one cover version they did of a Brit band we’d not heard of, all the stuff was their own, and done with such conviction that you had to admire their enthusiasm!
Add into this mix the small beers we had were 3€ each (normal price in Spain I would say maximum 2€, sometimes as cheap as 1€), and the audience were only 21 strong – and we think at least 8 of them were additions to the band, partners etc or family….. all in all a very bizarre Friday evening!!


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