Wonderful sunshine on the Canal du Midi

Although we aren’t averse to a little rain we really didn’t want to have to sit through too many days of it on our time away, so having checked the forecast and seen the masive storms and rain forecast we decided to move south. This was actually the beginning of the rains which have flooded a lot of France,  with Paris being particularly hit with the Seine being the highest for year, and people being hit by lightening with some dying in Germany. So we decided that we’d head south east slightly, and as it was dry made a dash for a small aire we’ve been to a few times at Clerac.  It’s on a small fishing lake and is very peaceful.


We stayed there the night then moved on and the rain seemed to follow us, so when we reached the place we thought we were going to stay at and it was raining we decided to carry on!


We ended up at Homps, which is east of Carcassonne and on the Canal Du Midi. We’ve been here many times as a stop over, but this time we’ve ended up staying, and by now have been here a week. The first night was one I’d not like to repeat, with 40km hour winds rocking the van,  so the next day we changed position and have been fine since and the wind has also calmed down a lot.It’s wonderful to wake up with the sun coming up over the canal and boats.


There’s a rough cycle path along the canal so we’ve cycled along that, and also investigated the nearby villages including Minerve, which was up more of a hill that we thought!



It made for an energetic cycle,and is actually on the route of the Tour de France this year! (Something I watched totally for the first time last year and loved it so it’s now my annual sporting event!).
We met a couple from the UK, Ian and Julia with their new rescue dog Milly,  who got on really well with Mutley – his holiday romance! It was funny as Milly kept coming in our van and would finish off Mutleys food when he didn’t want it. Both Ian and Julia have taken a year out, sell up and decided to travel round Europe in their motorhome, and are really enjoying themselves, with just 4 weeks left to go. We swapped lots of tips and information between us,and they headed to Carcassonne yesterday.


Finally after 2 weekends of rain on Sundays I managed to get a day of vide greniers in….. with careful planning enabling us to get back to walk the dog we got 9 of them in, as they usually go on until about 4pm. It was a scorching hot day and I suffered from a touch of sunburn,as I didn’t realise it would be about 30 degrees.But it was a lovely way to explore the local villages and stock up on Baglet bling at the same time.
We’d not decided what to do from here as the weather has seemed to dictate our moves yet again,but I think we’ll be staying put for the next week, with more vide greniers next weekend around here. So it’ll be a week of boat watching as tourists who have far too much money try to manoeuvre their hire boats in and around the canal. They’re often stuck for choice as well, with not too any supermarkets along the route just tiny corner shops at inflated prices, so a diet of french bread and cheese, or restaurants which seem very posh, where the set menu starts at 25€ a head, and they want 2.10€ for an expresso which would normally be about half that price!



One thought on “Wonderful sunshine on the Canal du Midi

  1. Jackie June 7, 2016 / 3:51 pm

    As always love reading about your travels. Canals and boats have featured in our week too. Wish you had escaped the rain by travelling north to Glossop, we have had unusually sunny weather. We have been out and about making the most of it because it won’t last unfortunately. Xxx

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