Counting chickens!

OK,  so we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch, everything appeared to be going well with Mr Ben, until Bruce noticed that the engine was running fast,and I noticed problems with our fridge freezer one night when I couldn’t sleep. The  very quick version is that Bruce discovered that a relay box which sends a signal to the fridge to look for different sources of power had melted! This was one that we had replaced as we’d had problems last year in Dusseldorf ! He also thought that we might need a new alternator. 

So when we left Mantova, we had driven to Treviso, on our way to Slovenia,  planning on stopping there for at least one night, and exploring the town. But we realised that the better thing to do would be to get to Ljubljana to our friends, so we could at least have a translator to try and get this sorted. We made our way east, and found a beautiful country in Slovenia. Very lush, neat countryside, with houses bedecked with window boxes full of colours. 

On arrival at Breda and Boruts house in the city the men sat down to discuss options, and the next day they took Mr Ben and sorted out the issues,  which lucky for us did not include a new alternator, just the relay box. 

So we gained a few extra days in the city,  which is one I highly recommend that you visit. Very pretty rivers, with wonderful architecture.  They have a series of cycle paths that make getting around so very easy, so we did all our exploring on our bikes.

We went up to the castle which overlooks the city, explored an open kitchen food market one evening, spent time around the many local markets and spent hours cycling around just exploring the beautiful open spaces within the city.

Breda and Borut were perfect hosts,  and made us feel so very welcome. We also met their family that we have heard so much about, and spent a lovely evening at daughter Spela’s house for a bbq, where Bruce sang a few songs to entertain everyone, making Breda cry with his special song for her of ‘My Way’ – something she had mentioned previously,  and he had pulled a favour from Jim and Deb for the backing track as he didn’t have it.

Borut also took us out for a drive around the area, through many amazingly pretty villages,  where I could have picked many houses to live in  (ignoring the fact that the winters 
here are so cold!!).

On leaving Ljubljana we have headed east with Breda and Borut in their motorhome, to a thermal spa which you can stay at in your mother home,  called Maja Nedelja, near the town of Ljutomer. 

Passing through almost Tuscan style countryside filled with apple orchards, hops,and pumpkin patches – which were only grown for their seeds as they had left the pumpkins out to dry before cutting the seeds out and leaving the rest. Seems such a waste!


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