Coastal Slovenia.

​We left our friends Breda and Borut at the spa to enjoy another couple of days there, as we decided to explore more of this wonderful country. They have been amazing hosts and so helpful in telling us about their lovely country. 

Our night time stop was actually a car park of a small hunting lodge style cafe, up in the mountains called Kamniska Bistrica, where there’s a small lake where a spring is.

 It’s just a glorious spot, so peaceful, great if you like mountains, hiking etc. 

We had wanted to explore Skofia Loka which is a lovely medieval style town north west of Ljubljana. From there we were planning on heading towards the Julian Alps area of Slovenia and Lake Bled, but the time we arrived at Skofia it was raining. But we didn’t let it put us off, and still managed a quick look around and a coffee in a cafe there. 

With our history with travelling in rain with Mr Ben not being that great, we stopped at an aire overnight before reviewing our plans and the weather forecast. The fact we don’t book anything in advance helps, so we changed direction and headed for the coastline of Slovenia instead of the alps as the forecast was better that way, so made our way to Koper. 

We stopped for a couple of nights at Bistra, which is home to the Technical Museum, which kept us amused for a whole day from 11am – 5pm! Great value at only 4.50€ entry, with loads to see.

On the way down to Koper we detoured to Lipica, home of the famous Lippizaner horses,  where Bruce tried to organise a trail ride on one of the horse for me, but they were fully booked for a week, with a show to prepare for at the weekend, so it wasn’t possible. A lovely idea tho!

The coastline of this lovely country is only about 47km long, and the main feature towns are Koper,  Piran and Izola which sits between the two.  Big in industry and shipping they can appear a little ugly on the first glance,  but we spent 3 nights there and enjoyed cycling around the great cycle lane system that runs around the area. Very popular as well with cruise ships, like this one that we saw last night. 

There’s not much in the way of beaches, but there’s a huge amount of bathing with organised seafront with steps, sunbathing areas, and open sea water lidos. I imagine in the heat of the summer it would be heaving. As it was the weather picked up and there were lots of people sunbathing and swimming.

We also discovered these little guys again, which we thought were coypoo, but I think it’s a relative of it. 

Reintroduced to the waterways they are very cheeky, sort of a cross between an otter, beaver and with a rats tail. But very cure and fond of courgette skins, and left over bread!

Just 20km or so north of Koper is Trieste, overy the Italian border, which made a day trip for us on the scooter – another very industrial port, with grand buildings in the main centre. 


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