Beautiful Bled. 

​We finally managed to get a weather window clear enough to give us a few days at Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj which are in the far north west of Slovenia in the Julian Alps (named after Julius Caesar.

It is a really stunning place, a little touristy,  but if you can rise above that, then you can appreciate it. 

Luckily for us the campsite was at the opposite end to the plethora of hotels,  so we carefully picked our spot and made ourselves comfy for a couple of nights. 

The following morning we made an effort and got up early to go to the Vintgar Gorge, which is a must do if you’re there. About 5 km north of Bled,up quite steep hills, is the gorge, at only 4.5€ to get in, it’s worth getting there early before all the coach loads of tourists get there! The gorge winds down and around with wooden walkways precariously positioned to make the most of the views.

If you get there early then you get less people in your pictures! We walked the whole 1.6km each way,with a little extra at one end to take in the waterfall which is at the finish.

The afternoon saw us scooting at additional 27km or so onto Lake Bohinj. This is a more natural and much less touristy place, and so tranquil. Sadly you can’t get all the way around, but if you wanted you could hire a kayak or boat to take it in from the water.

 The excitement here was that the duck bread I took with me went on the local goat herd! They were all over me, so I stank of goat once they’d cleared the bagful of rather solid stale bread. 

The following morning we had to check out from the campsite,  but  we managed to cycle the other way around the lake and take in a coffee, feeding the ducks some leftover bread. From here we stopped off at Ljubljana again, this time with Spela and Janis for the night, and we had a fabulously late evening, meeting several of their friends and chatting late into the night before heading east to Nova Mesto. 

Janis has recommended a small village called Kostanjevica na Krki, on the Krka river. It’s a stunning little island village, hardly anything there, but that’s what made it so beautiful.  Traveling back we followed a route which went along the Krka Valley,and it really was worth the trip across the country.  

Slovenia is a wonderful country, I’m sure we will return, and the pride that the people have in their houses shows – each one was pristine, with flowers and cut lawns, a stark contrast to some of Italy or Spain.


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