Romantic Venice. 

From Slovenia we had decided that we would stop at Venice. We had planned to do this a few years ago when we came to Italy on a fly drive, but it was impractical to park a hire car up which ws costing us money to ‘do’ Venice. So as we were going past it made sense to stop off at a campsite outside and then scoot in. 

We knew that Venice seems to exist not only as a thing of beauty, but a tool to extract money from tourists, so our plan was to really enjoy ourselves but cheaply! 

The ACSI site cost us 19€ a night which includes electric. So we arrived at lunchtime, and scooted into the city, parking the scooter on the only free bit of parking there with about 200 other scooters and motorbikes! 

But still, sadly, in Plaza San Marco, just a coffee can cost you between 8€ and 12.50€ and that’s before the cover charge or service charge as well. So we saved our money and partook of our flask of coffee which I had made up to go with our picnic lunch. 

It was exhausting walking around taking in the Grand Canal and all the other famous places you’ve seen in films etc. 

We decided that the next day we would buy boat tickets which last the day, as we had a full day, so could make more use of them 20€ per person for 24hrs, (So our running total if you allow a alittle for fuel on and off the island was 80€!). 

Once we has sussed out how to use the boat buses we went down the Grand Canal, then out to Burano Island, then back and around the main island going south.  We were saving the north side for the evening, as we went back to relieve Mutley, who was fabulous through all this. His routine is that he gets along walk each morning which then exhausted him for the rest of the day,being 13 he tends to sleep the whole day anyway! So we went back to see him, and walk  and feed him again before heading back for the evening boat trip, seeing the twinkling lights was great, especially as it meant the grand houses were lit up from inside, showing their plush interiors and very grand chandeliers. 

It is such a romantic place, we sat having a little picnic, listening to a Jazz Quartet at one of the  Grand Cafes just off San Marco and they were amazing. I am so glad we managed to get 2 cracking days of weather there, as the forecast for the coming weekend is really bad, but at least we had an amazing time. I would certainly return, and explore more, probably on foot, as I think you can see more.


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