Maltipoo Madness!

Let the fun begin! I have just posted about Pixie, and how we were going to pick her up on 1st February, well that post was actually written a few days ago, at the time that was the story.

However, on Tuesday evening, Bruce came into the kitchen just after 7pm, with a glass of wine, asking what I’d like to do the next day, as the weather had perked up so we should have what we call tourist day, take the day off doing any work and do something nice together. I said that’d be great, but I know there were only a couple of dry days before the rain comes back at the weekend, so if he wanted to cycle that’d be ok, or finish painting the house, I could find enough to keep myself busy. But is there anything I needed he asked, no, came my answer, I think we have everything, except Pixie. … so where would I go in an ideal world he asked, to collect her was my answer…. . .
Unbeknown to me, he had been arranging this for weeks, since we saw her….as he knew I’d not be patient! So…. On Wednesday we drove the whole day up to France, did a bit of shopping on the way, and found a hotel go to stay in Vitrolles.

Then yesterday morning, at 8.30am, we went to collect her! There was an emotional handover, as she has become quite the favourite, but we promised to send photos of her progress. Then we drove the whole way home again , with Pixie! She was a little gem in the car, perfectly behaved, we stopped a few times so she could ‘do her business’, and I fed and watered her, and had lots of cuddles, but she slept really well in her new bed. 

I had taken up a blanket when we met her before, which I had with me, so she had the smell of the litter and her mum and dad with her.

We eventually got home about 6pm, and although she was a little timid to start with and nervous, she soon started to show her true character, and was up and down the stairs quite easily after the first go.
Bruce had arranged with Deb and Jim to have Mutley for us for a couple of nights, so we could get Pixie settled in a bit before meeting him, so he is due back this morning. So because we were alone the firsg evening I made sure that she had a good play before bedtime, and then swaddled her to me for a cuddle while I got a few bits sorted out,before we put her down to bed. We were prepared for alot of crying, but although she gave a little whimper, within about 15 seconds she had stopped and settled. I woke in the night about 3 am, and couldn’t hear anything, thinking maybe something had happened, but when I went to the bathroom, I heard her shake her head,and a movement, then nothing again…. so she had gone back to sleep.
Amazingly she slept for 8 hours, probably exhausted from the trip, and trauma of change. So when I woke just after 6am, I got her up too, and we’ve been building our relationship this morning. She is currently asleep on my chest as I type this out!


One thought on “Maltipoo Madness!

  1. Jackie January 27, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    Ah, just loved reading this, this morning, brought a BIG smile to my face. Pixie is a lucky pup and I love her name. You are going to be having so much fun. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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