Right Little Diva!

Sorry for the delay in the update, but there’s a little diva in our lives at the moment that is a right little time bandit! If it’s not chasing after her trying to second guess where the next wee or poo will be then it’s having time out with puppy cuddles as she sleeps through some of her many daytime naps!

She’s been with us a for just over a week now, and has settled in really well. She met Mutley the day after we bought her home, and we made sure that all the research I did about introducing a new pup into the house and family has been observed.  Mutley always gets his food first, treats first, talked to first. We’ve asked anyone coming to the house to make a fuss of him and ignore her to start with. It’s important that he doesn’t feel left out. 

Although he was very hesitant at first it was because we’d told him he was getting a cute little sister to join him, not a poodle cross tasmanian devil diva! It’s taken a few days for her to realise she can’t chase his tail just because he wags it, or suddenly grab his legs when she wants to play and he doesn’t.  But seeing their interaction change over the past few days has been lovely. He plays with her, and she rushes around like a mad bunny on speed, Barking like crazy at him. I’m trying to get a decent video of it,  but it’s  proving hard!

She has her next injection at the  vets on 17th February,  so until then she is on house arrest,  or if leaving the house she comes along in one of my  Funky Tote bags! She’s found a wonderful Sheepskin fetish,  which is very apt seeing as I am the bag lady – I cut up an old Sheepskin coat, with the idea of using it for her bed, and she loves that. But even more so,  the longer Sheepskin trim that formed the collar and cuffs which I was going to throw away has become her comforter! She rushes around with the cuffs in her mouth,  and will snuggle up against the other bits when settling down to one of her many daily naps! 


One thought on “Right Little Diva!

  1. Jackie Russell February 3, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    Such a happy fun time for you x


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